Friday, 1 May 2009

The woes of trying to get a horse to put his ears forward

Some people will do anything for a trip out of the office.

Among our list of a million and one products here at Cybercheckout Ltd, sits a suave and sophisticated Equestrian range. Newly included in this range are Harry Hall Jodhpurs, Caldene Breeches, Sleeveless Shirts, Show Shirts, and Show Jackets. These are some very smart items, I have to say. And because they are new here they all needed images for the website.

So, off trundled Lisa, Marie and Alison equipped with a camera and these goods. (Lisa owns a little ol' horsey who, after a while and a little persuasion, seemed willing enough to be photographed) The images really speak for themselves. It was a lovely day, which worked in their favour, and they took some really good pictures. A job well done to the team.

- (The Darling Bud of May herself)

But we also have photographic evidence of their dark deeds and plotting Greek Trojan Horse tactics.

For those who are not familiar with this ancient story, a brief lesson in History: The Greeks gave the Trojans a large wooden horse. Thinking it a gift, the Trojans brought it into the battalion, and during the night, the Greeks jumped from inside it and destroyed the city. Lesson over.

The Evidence:

Here, we have the team (the CyberGreeks) recruiting for their secret army.

Here, we have them trying their hardest to blend in and look inconspicuous.

Here, we have them planning where they should leave their trap.

And here, we have them trying to conceal themselves, the final part of their surprise.

And here's a picture of the enemy (the CyberTrojan) they were planning on invading.

( - AKA the Spiritual Guide)

I wonder if he survived the night....

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