Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I feel so organised for me......

Will is doing very well now and I have started to add a little Speedibeet to his diet to help with some extra calories. I had to stop using the Winergy as I couldn't get hold of it. Both of my nearest suppliers didnt have it and I refuse to drive miles around the countryside trying to find horse feed so he is now on his Happy Hoof (for the low sugar/starch levels) and some Speedibeet and a dash or two of Soya Oil.
I'm pleased for once. I have now booked Annabel Jenks, my equine chiropractor, to come out on the 14th May to give him a good check over. He will have been in work for about a week by then :) :) :) :)

Next on my agenda is Badminton. Trying to find cheap throwaway BBQ's and all the little camping things I can put in the bin when I have finished. I have bathed the dogs so they smell a bit better for the car journey on the way there. Sherri the lab promptly rolled in my new flower bed afterwards so actually looked worse than before but luckily still smelt fresh ( thank god I hadn't put the manure on there!) and Ashka the Weimaraner nearly broke my fingers spinning round whilst I was holding her collar trying to get away from the deadly hosepipe in my hand. At least she dries in about 5 minutes flat unlike the lab who takes about 5 hours! Anyway, they are all done and fresh as a daisy and a few days of leaving the windows open and the caravan doesn't smell of dirty old men now from the last time the boys took it to the motorbike meeting.

All in all, very good for me!!!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Williams Road to Recovery 23/04/09

An interesting few days. I had started to turn Will out for half a day in his pen which by now was electrocuted nicely but after 3 or 4 days he had lost so much weight and I really wasn't happy with him. Apart from losing a lot of muscle on his bottom due to box rest and lack of exercise, seeing ribs did not give him a good look. He honestly looked better on 24hour box rest. There wasn't enough grass for him in the pen and he wasn't interested in eating even more hay whilst he was out there.
I spoke to the vet and we agreed that his progress has been very good and he has been behaving himself so we will try him in the full paddock, although it the smallest of our fields. If he misbehaved to much I would just have to pen him back up, but thankfully the grass is coming through and he just wanted to put his head down and eat. With the sun shining so no rug on and some nice grass to munch on even after 4 days there has been a big difference and he is looking so much better, I am one happy owner again.
Fingers and toes crossed that at the beginning of May he will start going on the walker and then when I get back from Badminton, I will shut my eyes and clamber aboard and hope for the best.


We have done a new mailout to help and advise on the problems and causes of Lamimitis and some of the symptoms to look out for. It is such a horrid thing to happen but very common unfortunately and even if only 1 or 2 people take something away from the mailout then that has to be worth something.
There are many stages of Laminitis and it effects the ponies and horses in all different ways and it is very difficult to cover all aspects of it in an email but hopefully we have managed to cover the majority, but remember, any doubts, call the vet.


Friday, 17 April 2009

Williams Road to Recovery- 17/04/09

Will is going out now for half a day but I am really struggling with keeping weight on him. Since he has gone out for longer he has lost more weight that he cant afford to lose so I am a little worried now.
I spoke to the vet as he is still on restricted turnout and I just dont feel he is getting enough even though I have reguarly moved his fencing and if I have put a haynet out he isn't eating it, anyway, the vet thought his progress was very good so I can let him out in the smaller paddock now which has some more grass in but if he starts to hoolie around I will have to restrict him again.
I popped him out in there this morning and straight away the head went down and he was munching away. He looked better even after a few hours and behaved impeccably so hopefully after a few days I should see a difference and it will help keep my hay bills down!
Only a couple more weeks then I can start bringing him back into work and get him on the walker for a little while. This will be a god send as he has lost a lot of muscle on his bottom.

Owning a grey, I really want this rain to stop, day by day he is turning into a Bay!!!

NEW IN! Caldene and Harry Hall Jodhpurs & Boots


This is the link to take you through to some of our new range of Caldene and Harry Hall Jodhpurs and Boots. I must admit the caldene breeches are rather lovely and I have my eye on a pair or two!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

New clothing line in NOW from Harry Hall and Caldene

Excellent news! We have had a nice new range of Jodhpurs and boots in from Harry Hall and some lovely looking breeches from Caldene (that I might have to invest in a pair!) and some Caldene jackets which are very smart.

Monday, 6 April 2009

New delivery of pet products

just had a new delivery of dog beds and water drinkers in. They are incredibly popular at the moment, especially the Waterproof dog beds which are ideal for the back of the car etc. I have one for my two dogs ( a Labrador & a Weineramer) and they are great for stopping that damp dog smell and i'm taking the Le Bistro water drinker with me to Badminton in the caravan . Perfect!


Had the farrier out for Will

for the first time since his injury and I did wonder what he would be like moving and banging his joint around but he was fine and it obviously didn't bother him at all in the slightest so I popped him out for a couple of hours to move around a bit. I am making the most of the sunshine whilst I can!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

It's nearly time for Badminton HT

I have my tickets, car sticker and caravan pass. Have organised a friend to come down and help clean out the caravan ready for the road trip. I just love the run up to Badminton HT.
I'm ready, dogs are ready, credit card ready.......

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Exciting news

Just had confirmation we are getting Harry Hall and Caldene clothing in. Very excited they do have a lovely range. The main part of it will be coming in around August but we have some coming in in the next few weeks.

Turned William out today with no rug!

The sun is shining and it's a gorgeous day so I thought I would turn Will out with no rug. He loved it and had a good old roll and there was a lovely hairy patch left after he had finished. It must feel so good to get a bit of sun on your back after being cooped up in the stable, bless him. It doesn't matter how much I groom him, the hair just keeps falling out. I am beginning to look like a walking fur ball!

Sweetitch - prevention is the key

Here is a link to our Sweetitch mailout we did with lots of features to help prevent the dreaded midges from attacking this year http://fsr.emv2.com/cyber_check/web/images/sweetitch.html