Tuesday, 19 May 2009

We got there! I have ridden my pony!!!!!!

At last I have eventually ridden Will. I had the physio out last Tuesday to give him a check up and some of the others on the yard at the same time. She was very pleased with him, said he was looking very well apart from just a bit of extra muscle needed which we all knew but was to be expected after time off and box rest but no problems there, maybe a little stiffer on the right but not an issue. This is my worst side as well so it's all connected. She gave me one of these to do some massage work with him and get him lifting his spine and flexing his muscles. I think it's called a zoom groom. He really enjoys his pampering sessions and actually it is fab at getting the last of the winter coat out at the same time but I might just end up with arms like Rocky at the end of it.
I was going to ride on the wednesday but as my horse likes to test my stress levels at the moment, he decided to come in with mild colic! My horse has never had colic in his life, there isn't anything to gorge on in his paddock (which has been named the 'suicide field' due to any horse that has been ill or lame always ends up in there for a while) and his feed etc hasn't changed. The only thing we thought is that the paddock next to him had been sprayed and knowing Will, the grass is always greener so probably had a quick munch over the fence and it gave him belly ache. I just had to give him a couple of syringes down the throat and a 20 minute walk on the walker and he seemed alot more settled and didn't try to lie down again. He didnt want his dinner and I left the yard about 8pm but the Yard Owner did a 10pm check on him and he had started to pick at his hay and I did a midnight check and he had finished so he was fine. I did find out however, that my dog is scared of the dark! Going down the yard, in the middle of nowhere at midnight and trying to find your way to the stables by the light of your mobile phone with a dog that jumped at every shadow which in turn made me jump which then made my imagination run wild so I kept thinking someone was going to jump out on me or a big fat rat would be sat there waiting for me to get near enough for them to run across my foot is not something I want to do again any time soon.

He kept going on the walker and I eventually rode on Saturday. Now for anyone that knows my horse will know he is not the best to hack out and has been called 'horrendous' I believe, by one event rider, but it has to be done so I popped him on the walker for 20minutes first before I ventured out for a quick hack to the pub and back, roughly about another 20 minutes. Blow me down, they were shooting that day but nothing was stopping me from getting out so off I went on a rather spooky horse. I think he was rather shocked at being ridden and obviously felt they were shooting at him. I told him, it had been considered but as long as he was a good boy, he was safe.

I managed to get most of the way round until it did sound like they were about to blow my head off so I went for the safer option and headed home. He was a little star and apart from being on his toes, he did nothing wrong.

On the sunday they decided to have a cycle race round the village so I decided to risk him round the big field rather than kill a cyclist or two. He was very relaxed in there, and actually it takes about 10 minutes or so to walk a lap of the field so a few times round on each rein, job done, and I have decided I might do this more often. The only problem with the field is I have to walk him by foot to get in. Whats the problem I hear you say. The problem is, is that I cant get on from the ground. I am about as agile as the old pensioner before his new hip. I am going to hide a milk crate in the corner I think just for me.

How unfit have I become? How my calfs can grow so much in a short space of time I will never know. My half chaps were tight and I struggled to zip them up. Maybe they got wet the last time I wore them? Yes, that will be it, they have shrunk. *Cough Cough*

My ankles ache, my back aches and my bum bones ached when I got in the saddle on Sunday and Monday. I dont mind feeling my bum bones actually, I dont get to feel many bones nowaways, I still have my winter insulation hanging around.

My name is Lisa Wray. I am 32 and I feel like 62. My head tells me I am fit. My body says it is not.

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