Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I feel so organised for me......

Will is doing very well now and I have started to add a little Speedibeet to his diet to help with some extra calories. I had to stop using the Winergy as I couldn't get hold of it. Both of my nearest suppliers didnt have it and I refuse to drive miles around the countryside trying to find horse feed so he is now on his Happy Hoof (for the low sugar/starch levels) and some Speedibeet and a dash or two of Soya Oil.
I'm pleased for once. I have now booked Annabel Jenks, my equine chiropractor, to come out on the 14th May to give him a good check over. He will have been in work for about a week by then :) :) :) :)

Next on my agenda is Badminton. Trying to find cheap throwaway BBQ's and all the little camping things I can put in the bin when I have finished. I have bathed the dogs so they smell a bit better for the car journey on the way there. Sherri the lab promptly rolled in my new flower bed afterwards so actually looked worse than before but luckily still smelt fresh ( thank god I hadn't put the manure on there!) and Ashka the Weimaraner nearly broke my fingers spinning round whilst I was holding her collar trying to get away from the deadly hosepipe in my hand. At least she dries in about 5 minutes flat unlike the lab who takes about 5 hours! Anyway, they are all done and fresh as a daisy and a few days of leaving the windows open and the caravan doesn't smell of dirty old men now from the last time the boys took it to the motorbike meeting.

All in all, very good for me!!!

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