Friday, 29 May 2009

Hey, we made it into Horse & Hound!!!

Ok, only on the Dodson & Horrell 'Feed to Win' campain but that is my claim to fame this week! Take a look if you have it. Page 14 - it's me and Will!!!!!!!!!

He is coming on very well at the moment and I was very brave and hacked him out all over the bank holiday with only one blip of throwing ourselves across the lane after the invisable hedge monsters decided to bite. In fairness he did come out of this after only a couple of minutes and you could pysically feel him do a deep breath and relax. We only scared one gardener and a child so not to bad all in all. The rest of the days have been spent with a mixture of a decent walk on the walker and walking in the big field. I am now starting to get him working and really stretching down and using himself rather than a leisurely stroll looking at the countryside. He doesnt appreciate this but there is no reason he cant start to work a bit now even if it is in walk and he needs his brain occupied.

Will has also changed out of the 'suicide' paddock into a nice paddock with some more grass next to a lady friend of his. Once he has finished 'checking her out' he is getting a good 8-9 hours eating decent grass so is looking very well and his bottom is starting to round off a little more (a bit like mine)

And the best news of all for me.................I dont ache anymore, everything has settled down at last so a happy horse and a happy rider. What more could you want?

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