Friday, 23 October 2009

I did it, I did it at last............

Saturday saw me having an absolutely fantastic day out at Patchetts with William.

I went for a day trip with my friend Nicki who is at the same yard as myself, and thought it would be a good chance to give him a ride round in a show environment again without actually competing.

So much for me thinking he would be an idiot. He was such a good boy and was totally unfazed about being at a show again.The good thing about Patchetts is there is room, lots of it and we were able to have a beautiful schooling session outside with no-one else around and he was so good I decided to have a jump... well, why not!

I was so organised :) I had no white or beige breeches and no jacket so cue me trying my hardest to squeeze into my friends breeches (she is a few sizes smaller than me with legs twice as long), but I succeeded. I couldn't breathe but I was in, and Patchetts very kindly let me go in without the correct jacket but I did smile nicely.

Well, the bell went and we exploded!!!! 14 fences, as it was 2phase, was a lot to take in but it was to late now, we were off. The first 5-6 fences were interesting and we bounced and lept about on every approach but jumped the fences 3ft higher than they actually were, however, after the 6th we really settled down into a forward rhythm and completed the course in a slightly better manner than when we started. He loved it, I loved it and I am now on the look out for the next outing. I have the bug back!

At Cybercheckout, I have been very busy getting in lots of new stock and promotional ideas. We are all stocked up on our medium and heavy weight rugs from Horseware. A new delivery has arrived today of SSG gloves (which I have to admit are rather lovely), Fleece lined waterproof chaps and Hi-Viz gear, which this time of year we cannot live without, especially if you meet drivers like I met out hacking yesterday (yes you, Mr Silver Range Rover man!)

We also now have a new line of Caldene breeches which look fab and one style even has a little bling on the pocket for you, but they are very flattering even for my stump legs and stretch nicely. If you go to the website, in the clothing section there is a lovely Caldene Badminton Jacket. I love it and I have already put one aside for myself, just waiting for Pay day, but if you can, I would, they are lovely!

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