Friday, 6 November 2009

Time has flown.........

I have been extra extra busy for the last couple of weeks. We have now finally launched the new Chillton Rug Range, ranging from 1200d light weight turnouts to heavy weight combos.

William had the honour of posing for the photos and I think he made a grand job. I had to keep him in for 3 days to keep him clean!

We are offering 10% off these rugs at the moment and they are all in the winter range so you really can bag yourself a bit if a bargain.

Along side launching the rugs we also have had in a new range of SSG Gloves. Now I don't know if you have used these before but they really are a fantastic long wearing riding glove and I am particularly loving the 'Glove for Hope' gloves at the moment which support breast cancer. I feel not only do I have smart hands, I am supporting a worth while cause as well!

Then we have our new Hi-Viz range from Rambo. The excellent Hi-Viz exercise sheet plus a Hi-Viz Horseware Vest and we are throwing in a FREE Horseware Baseball Cap that has 5 LED lights on the front. Fun but highly practical for walking in the dark and missing the rabbit holes.

We also have the Harry Hall Yale Country Boots, again very practical and stylish for the yard and some lovely Caldene breeches and one of them has a bit of added Bling Bling.

AND before I forget, the Rambo Fleece Lined Chaps with are just so comfortable for yard or riding and are waterproof, windproof, breathable and have a reflective strip down the outside leg for added safety. You get these with a FREE pair of Horseware socks as well.

Well thank goodness it's Friday as after doing all this lot, I need a nice rest over the weekend, spending some quality time with my horse. Oh... I have a lesson tomorrow at 8am, what was that I said about needing a rest?
And here is some pictures of Will that didn't make it to the website :)