Monday, 21 September 2009

We have progress......

William has been a little star lately. As I mentioned previously, I changed his bit over because of all the 'issues' we were having with life in general. He is now being schooled in a rubber pelham with double reins. Well what a change in pony, he is loving this bit and has completly changed his attitude to work. I dont even have to touch the second rein, he is light and responsive and making my life just a little bit easier.

Before I owned Will, he was on a show jumping yard and ridden in a double bridle. When I bought him, we went back to basics and we found a happy medium on the flat with a Myler Comfort Snaffle and a Myler Combination for jumping. Obviously we have progressed through the years and I now feel ready to try him again in the double. His attitude and abilty have progressed so this week I have begged, stealed and borrowed a double bridle from a friend of mine and I shall be trying this out and I will update as we go along.

Friday saw us doing our first bit of pole work, only trotting poles but this is William we are talking about, however he didnt even flick an ear and happily mooched over them without a care in the world. This is great for me as I have an event planned for mid October and was wondering how long I would need to spend in orbit before we could get on with some decent pole work and jumps. The weekend saw me doing some happy hacking and this week, apart from the bridle change, sees me doing some lunge jumping and more ground work.

I clipped him yesterday so I had all of about 12 hours of a gorgeously clean grey. This morning, I was greated with a lovely poo stain all down his neck and rubbed nicely in his mane. Oh the joys.................

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