Monday, 21 September 2009

New range of Tottie clothing now in!

And I love it. We have Polo Shirts , Hoodies , Gilets and various other items of clothing in now. I am into Grey and Pink at the moment. These are my 'in' colours for the season so I am loving the Charcoal colour that is out in Tottie at the moment. I think it is exceptionally smart with your Jodhpurs (and having a grey, the hair blends in nicely) and also teamed up with jeans, they look great around the town as well.

As you can imagine my pay packet doesn't last long working here, by the time I have bought all my rugs that I dont need, and then bought all the new clothing it doesn't leave a lot for the important things like bills. Thank god for husbands! But as we say, you can never have enough Jods and fleeces..........or is that just me?................

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