Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I'm exhausted...........

Wow, what a busy bee I have been. I have been working my flying grey that goes by the name of William quite hard to get some extra buzz out of him. I am having a breakthrough! After my last post, his erractic behaviour continued and my patience was slowly wearing thin, but with a bit of hard work (and a bit change, which was desperately needed by the end) we have started to come through to the other side. Saturday saw some of the nicest canter work I have had out of him in a long time, so light and controlled, it was gorgeous and sunday morning I took him for an early morning hack which was nice and the sun was out and not to many people about and again he was a very good boy........ so I love him again now.

Saturday saw all of the family take a road trip to Burghley Horse Trials. My son Oliver, who is 4, enjoyed it the most, cheering on the riders and racing up and down the hills, I dont know where he gets the energy from, but this is the first time he has really showed an interest in the horses. Bikes and cars take preference to the horses with the males in my household so I took great enjoyment at the look of horror on the husbands face as his son proudly said how much fun the horses were....priceless.
Shoved down in the footwell of the car was Ashka, who just adores these days out, and we met so many other Weinaramers who all had a little play together and got on superb. I never thought they were so common but there really were a good few there at the weekend. If you ever want to look at different breeds of dogs, go to a horse trial as they are everywhere, in every breed, in every colour, and I have to say, hand on heart, I did not meet one that was not on a lead or not in control, although to the man who let his dog poop in front of us and then promptly walk away leaving it there for people to tred in....you have pockets, stick a bag in them and pick it up!!!
As I have read a lot of articles about people wanting dogs banned from horse trials recently, For me personally, my horse and my dog go together, I keep her on the lead when I need to and I have her under control. If you cant control your dog, do not take it to these events, if you dont have recall, do not let it off the lead and I am all up for these events to give a fine for people that do not have control over there animals but don't let everyone lose out on the enjoyment of a great day that can be shared with their dogs in the countryside with great exercise. Rant over......

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