Thursday, 23 April 2009

Williams Road to Recovery 23/04/09

An interesting few days. I had started to turn Will out for half a day in his pen which by now was electrocuted nicely but after 3 or 4 days he had lost so much weight and I really wasn't happy with him. Apart from losing a lot of muscle on his bottom due to box rest and lack of exercise, seeing ribs did not give him a good look. He honestly looked better on 24hour box rest. There wasn't enough grass for him in the pen and he wasn't interested in eating even more hay whilst he was out there.
I spoke to the vet and we agreed that his progress has been very good and he has been behaving himself so we will try him in the full paddock, although it the smallest of our fields. If he misbehaved to much I would just have to pen him back up, but thankfully the grass is coming through and he just wanted to put his head down and eat. With the sun shining so no rug on and some nice grass to munch on even after 4 days there has been a big difference and he is looking so much better, I am one happy owner again.
Fingers and toes crossed that at the beginning of May he will start going on the walker and then when I get back from Badminton, I will shut my eyes and clamber aboard and hope for the best.

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