Friday, 17 April 2009

Williams Road to Recovery- 17/04/09

Will is going out now for half a day but I am really struggling with keeping weight on him. Since he has gone out for longer he has lost more weight that he cant afford to lose so I am a little worried now.
I spoke to the vet as he is still on restricted turnout and I just dont feel he is getting enough even though I have reguarly moved his fencing and if I have put a haynet out he isn't eating it, anyway, the vet thought his progress was very good so I can let him out in the smaller paddock now which has some more grass in but if he starts to hoolie around I will have to restrict him again.
I popped him out in there this morning and straight away the head went down and he was munching away. He looked better even after a few hours and behaved impeccably so hopefully after a few days I should see a difference and it will help keep my hay bills down!
Only a couple more weeks then I can start bringing him back into work and get him on the walker for a little while. This will be a god send as he has lost a lot of muscle on his bottom.

Owning a grey, I really want this rain to stop, day by day he is turning into a Bay!!!

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