Monday, 16 November 2009

We won!..............

On saturday, William and I went off again to our second competition at Patchetts. The weather wasn't to bad in the morning but we were doing the last class so we didn't have to leave until 12, the wind had picked up but nothing to extreme. By the time we hit the M1 it was horrendous with driving rain and very strong gusts of wind. It was a moment of 'why am I doing this?' but we got there safe and sound with enough time to relax and have a cuppa before walking the course.
It walked ok, it was a two phase course, up to height, but it wasn't a course I thought would suit Will very well with lots of related distances at the beginning that I thought he would have lots of chances to get strong and away from me but I was liking the jump off fences with some good turns and lots of chances for me to be able to bring him back.
Well I obviously don't know what i'm talking about as it was completely the opposite as he went in and jumped like a star, all the related distances were no problem and the major hiccup was in the jump off when I turned to fence 11 and he completly locked onto the fence next to it. With a bit if a 'DON'T YOU DARE' I only just about managed to switch him off and get him to realise that wasn't the actual fence we were after.
The class was a lot more technical to jump than I first realised but there were 35 in the class and we won with the ONLY clear round so I was hugely impressed with him.
Earlier in the day I had made a comment and said " if I get placed and have to go in a line up, I have to come first as he freaks if they all canter off without him". It was only a joke but I might have to use that one again as it worked (and they let me sneak off before they did the lap of honour, safer for everyone I
So big pats and polos for William this week and an owner with a big smile on her face. :)