Monday, 13 July 2009

What a refreshing change...........

So much to say, so little time. We are very busy here at the moment at Cybercheckout so I have been meaning to update my blog for a few days now but keep running out of time so today I am writing this from home, but my C button doesn't always work so I do apologise in advance if there happens to be a few letters missing here and there. This could be a problem when you work for a company called Cyberchekout but we shall see how we get on.

After the long stay of my inlaws from South Africa for a month and an unexpeted visit from my sister in law, where I have to say I was completly spoilt and had so much time to ride and do all those extra jobs that I tend to leave (de-cobwebbing my stable for one) that I feel abit lost now everyone has gone home. Actually, change that to rushed, I am back to my 6:30am rides, on the dot, to be back in time to turn into Superwoman and get myself and my son ready for 8:30am, pack him off to school or the childminder and get to my desk trying not to smell to much like a barn and picking bits of shavings out of my hair by 9am.
This works a treat unless like this morning, you arrive at the yard and your horse is still flat out fast asleep. Once you have stood there a minute checking they are actually breathing (as it's very rare for William to be caught having a nap), you get the one eyed very sleepy horse look that says "no, not today mum thanks". Quick kick of the food bucket to wake him up thinking he might be getting fed (i'm such a cruel mum), you find that apart from half a bed of shavings in their tail, you then have a big poo stain down the side of the face where they have made themselves a comfy warm cushion that is now slightly smeared down their neck as well. Now heres the dilema, do you leave bedding and poo and ride them out anyway as you are on a time limit and just hope you dont see anybody who knows you OR change your plan and ride in the field so you can hide behind the hedge? I am afraid to say I am a bit stubborn and didnt want to change my riding plan and decided it was to early for any normal people to be driving so I would risk going out, poo and all. Well, who ever knew there were so many early lot need to lie in more often so my poo stained, bed headed horse and I can sneak out without being spotted.

Last week was an interesting one where I had a neighbour banging on the door complaining of my dog making to much noise when I went out, It was a really hot day so I had left the back doors open, not realising Ashka wanted to practise her singing voice at top volume. After knocking on next door to see if the dog was being mistreated (apparently she sounded like she was being strangled) and being told "no, shes just a bit gobby!" the lady said she would 'return later to see me'. Well I was very much looking forward to introducing her to my mistreated dog but unfortunately she never returned. Anyway, after a few threats of no more sausages or cheese, Ash has decided to Shhhhhh. I suppose thats why they call them 'Weiny-ramers !!!!!!

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