Monday, 29 June 2009


Well it's been a bit quiet on the work front as we have been having a stock take so everything was off sale throughout that but we are all back up and running just in time for this heat wave. It's a bit to hot for me to be honest, it's ok if I have a pool beside me and someone serving me the odd glass of vino but sitting in a hot office and my horse surrounded by flies and you are both hot and sweaty even after a short trip round the village is my idea of hell.
We sell a range of pools here at Cybercheckout so maybe I could get one of those up in the garden and pursuade my husband to hand me drinks and feed me grapes,, never going to happen.

Last year I bought Will a Rambo Protector and to be honest it has been great, very smart and does it's job extremly well and when Horseware Ireland bought out the Rambo Flybuster, which is basically the same but built in fly repellant, I sort of sniffed at it and thought no thanks, I will stick with the fly spray but is it me or do the flies seem worse this year? When I get Will in from the field, there are flies, in the barn, flies, hacking, millions of flies and big bloomin horse flies as well. It's driving him and me crazy. Today I actually went to the yard on my lunch hour to go and give him another spray but it just got me thinking that maybe by the time I account for petrol money and the amount I spend on fly spray, I should have invested in the Flybuster, I think in the long run I would have saved pennies. Have a look for yourself and see what you think but today I feel I invested in the wrong fly rug.

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