Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sunshine on a rainy day

Phew, well it's been a busy couple of weeks. Will has been going very nicely and yesterday...........da,da,daaaaaaa, I trotted!!!! I was like an excited little girl in a sweet shop but he felt amazing and still very doingy. Yes, he went sideways, yes, we went on the spot and yes, we threw ourselves around a little but a few transitions back to halt and we were fine. If I go in the flying field, I have been doing around 6 laps (50 mins) so I am doing 1 lap walk, 1 lap trot etc, early days but fingers crossed and we all survive.

Bath time on Sunday and he was sparkling by the time I had finished. Come monday morning, the majority of him was clean apart from the long poo stain across his face where he obviously made himself a pillow. Why did I ever buy a grey?

Fantastic news, We are going to have our own rugs come out in time for winter this year and I have been a very lucky girl and was given the opportunity to help design these. Being a horse owner and talking to different people about their likes and dislikes I was able to talk to the factories who make the 'well known brands about weather and then beat them' (did you get that?) and give my ideas on what I wanted. I have never looked so in depth at buckles, length of tail flaps, material etc. It was really hard work actually and a little scary as if it's incorrect it's me who will be getting the death stares from across the office, but we have had the samples in and the first lot arrived and I took them to the yard, tried one on and instantly said No. Back to the factory with all the changes and last week the new samples arrived. They fit so well and look lovely. I tried them on 3 different horses, all different shapes and they were fab and the feedback I got from the other girls was very encouraging ( this means a lot as you know what us horsey lot are like). I left the light weight turnout to be tested by Williams friend Jack as we had a few days rain so that was perfect and Will has been testing the stable rug. I am pleased to say both have passed the tests with flying colours and I am soooo looking forward to moving on with this now. The plan is to have these rugs in by the end of August. These will be a light, medium and heavy weight turnout and a medium and heavy weight stable rug. So that leaves colours, names and quantities to deal with so wish me luck!........................

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