Monday, 3 August 2009

Some new photos of William

Well, bless his little mud coloured socks, Will has been on his best behaviour and we have had a lovely couple of weeks doing quite a bit of hacking. Now, by now you will have got the idea that my horse doesn't really 'do' hacking very well but I have been brave and got on with it, just keeping in walk, taking all the pressure and excitement off and going on our merry way, body protector and all. By keeping in walk and taking it bit by bit, I think he is starting to enjoy himself! I have had one session where we went through the woods with lots of ducking and diving through the low hanging branches, he REALLY didnt like that so needless to say we did some fantastic Passage, Rein Back and 1 time Tempi Changes that would fit in beautifully in a top class dressage competion, however, boring old mother was only looking for a nice walk so I wasnt as impressed as I would have been all plaited up and ready to go!
I am now in the process of booking a lesson in a couple of weeks time so I better get my socks on and get schooling.
Here are a few photos from last week, taken courtesy of my sister in law, some slighty blurry but its the thought that counts.

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