Monday, 30 March 2009

Williams Road to Recovery-he makes it to the field

Well he made it, I eventually was able to put Will out for a while. I fenced off a small area for him and he is allowed out an hour a day for now. Considering some of his behaviour I was fully prepared to ACP him but he really wasn't that bad.
He went out and rolled for nearly everyday he had missed and at some points was just getting up and down and missing the rolling part in the middle. My nice clean grey was standing there with clumps of mud stuck to his mane, just the way he likes it! A few bucks and squeals followed but there wasn't enough room for him to do much more but unfortunately because the field was a bit wet from the rain over the weekend the grass had just turned to mud so nothing there for him to eat and every time I tried to walk away he just walked and walked squidging it up even more. I decided to leave it at that for the morning and let him pick some grass in hand. I tried again in the afternoon and I was the only one at the yard so it was alot quieter and he was absolutely fine and was good as gold on Sunday as well.
The only trouble is he just stands there doing nothing. I have put a hay net out for him but he doesn't want that so I have decided for the moment I will do 1/2 hour in the morning and 1/2 hour in the evening and I will keep moving the fencing around each week so he gets at least some grass (as long as he doesn't keep squidging it up). Roll on the sunshine I say!

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