Friday, 27 March 2009

06/03/09 MY BIRTHDAY!
I led a very lame horse out of his stable this morning. This whole thing is confusing me, he walks out very sore but the more I walk him, the better he is. He finished his Bute and Antibiotics about 3-4 days ago so I am thinking it could be related to that.
I called the vet and she came out again, she was as stumped as I was. Was concerned as was so sore so did another 2 taps in the joint to make sure there was no more infection in there and they both came out clear. Good news but didnt make the situation any clearer. The vet spoke to Rossdales who joined us both in being confused as to what was happening with him.
In the end it was decided that we would give him one shot of Bute and another 5 days of antibiotic. If he got better, then great, if he stayed the same we would have to talk about what medication etc we use but if he got worse there was not alot more they could do for him.
Went home very depressed. happy birthday to me :(

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