Thursday, 10 June 2010

A fresh new start.................

Well a lot has changed in the last few months. We are now, and I am very happy to announce this, a main supplier of Weatherbeeta, Saxon, Roma and Dublin.
This means we will have a full range of all things equestrian, ranging from yard equipment, Saddlery, accessories and rugs. I have been working hard getting all the initial stock loaded, and so far we have lightweight turnout rugs, Fly rugs, travel rugs, coolers, sheepskin saddle pads, competition breeches, show shirts and a range of beautiful bridles and browbands. I am offering most of these products with a promotional item, so for example, with the fly rugs you get a free fly mask, with the coolers you get a free sweat scraper etc. There are some very good deals and there are lots more to come so watch this space.......

The one thing I realise with selling on the internet is that image sells, and we are often given images from the suppliers of horses just standing there on a white background. I don't personally feel this gives a good enough first impression to draw people in to look at the products so good
old William got dragged in to do his bit of modelling. Here are some of his finer moments. He did such a good job and sales are going well, so big pats and carrots to him for helping us out.

One thing I do have to be honest about is how much I had become a bit of a 'brand snob'. Roma, to me, was always a cheaper make that I never paid much attention to, however, having seen these products now, especially the Sheepskin pads, I can honestly say they are fantastic quality and I have already purchased one for Will and from now on I will try not to be to 'brand specific'.