Thursday, 11 March 2010

An update on William

Well everything has been so busy with all the changes in seasons and rugs etc that I am not getting much time to update my blog, however there have been lots of fun and interesting things happening.
First big news is that William and I have moved yards and I have aquired a little pony along the way! We are now on a lovely quiet private yard just on our own. 3 nice big stables, huge tack room, lovely paddocks etc and my Brother in Law has a yard right at the back of me so I go and annoy them on a regular basis when I go and use his arena.
The difference in Will is amazing, I can't explain how chilled out and relaxed he has become. He is working very well, but the surface on the new arena is alot better, and he has been a very good boy to hack out which is unheard of, and his jumping is becoming a lot more together and 'with' me.
I was getting concerned he was ill at one point as I am not used to him being so quiet but he is fine and I have popped him on some Propell Plus just to put my mind at rest. Who ever thought I would be saying that :)
Little pony is another grey (god help me) and stands about 11.3hh and her name is Tinks. She is just a perfect little companion for Will and they get on very well and she really is no trouble. When she is, I am sure I will keep you informed!
So, in view of Will working well, I have just decided to go to Patchetts on Sunday for our first attempt of the year at a bigger affiliated course - now that will be a test on how relaxed he is.
I am just in the throws of getting finalised samples of the Chillton Fly rugs and I am pleased to say the Chillton turnout rugs have been going quite nicely. My next task is to get out and about and try and get these out in the shops for people to see and start knowing this brand.
We have just put our order in for the first lot of Horseware fly rugs as even though this weather still feels like winter sometimes, we are looking forward to our long balmy summer days...with all the flys and there is wishful thinking